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"Proud to be a part of this Journey"

Aniruddha Sawant

Congratulations to BBL Team. Proud to be part of it.

Oliva Shah

Dear Bharat Bijlee team... Congratulations for Platinum Jubilee and Wish You All The Best Forever.


Hearty congratulations.

Dwarkadas Gupta

Best Wishes

Shubham Borade

Congratulations to Bharat Bijlee Ltd.and Managing teams on 75 Years celebration. Shareholders BBL

Surendra Bhachawat

Congratulations BBL Pariwar. Proud to be a part of it for both golden & diamond jubilee event !

Devadatta Lad

Congratulations BBL It was indeed a pleasure working as your lawyer. Happy 75

Saroj Chirawawala

Congratulations to BBL Parivar. Proud to be part of BBL Parivar

Venkateswarlu Batchu

Proud to be part of BBL. Congratulations to all members of BBL for successful journey!!

Ujjwala Rane

Proud to be working with BBL. Long live Bharat Bijlee

Sanjay Godse

38 beautiful experience in bbl

Jacob Galsurkar

Proud to be part of BBL Family. Congratulations to all.

Manasi Kekane

Congratulations! Here's to the next 75!

Ravi Bhavnani

Congratulations BBL.

Deepak Inder Bhagtani

Congratulations to all team members of BHARAT BIJiLEE Deepak dutt Drives Application Pvt Ltd.



Ajay Agnihotri

Congratulation for platinum jubilee Best of luck for years ahead.

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